honicIP Ho Kin, Honic in addition to his legal qualification as a barrister, has also acquired professional qualifications in marketing, logistics and transport, and arbitration. Before practising law, Mr. Ip has accumulated 30 years of commercial experiences in international navigation, international commodity trading, project management of infra-structure projects, corporate development, business consultancy, and dispute resolution. The commercial career of Mr. Ip has been very international as he has worked and lived in Hong Kong, mainland China, UK, and Canada. Mr. Ip is fluent in English, Cantonese, and Putunghua.

Mr. Ip is currently practising both civil and criminal laws. He has studied Hong Kong law, English law, and PRC law. For civil law, Mr. Ip's core areas of practice include: contract law, agency law, sales of goods, tort law, professional negligence, defamation, family law, trust law, wills and probate, company law, insolvency law, property law, construction law, planning law, building management, insurance law, personal injury, maritime law, carriage of goods by sea, shipping law, international trade law, letter of credit, environmental law, discrimination law, administrative law, public law, and human rights. For criminal law, Mr. Ip appears in court both as defence counsel and prosecuting counsel.

Mr. Ip also practises as an arbitrator and is particularly experienced in international arbitration. He has participated in institutional arbitration cases of GAFTA, FOSFA, LME, CIETAC. He also has handled arbitration cases of insurance claims and construction claims. Mr. Ip is a member of the Arbitration Committee of the Hong Kong BAR Association. For dispute resolution, Mr. Ip has a degree in psychology and is accredited as general mediator, family mediator, and victim-offender mediator.

Mr. Ip is also enthusiastic in tertiary education and has been teaching as a part-time lecturer at various universities, including HKU, CUHK, UST, HKPU, CityU, and the RMIT University of Australia. The subjects that Mr. Ip has taught include: Development Control Law, Construction Law, Construction Contract Law, Dispute Law and Management for International Projects, Dispute Resolution Projects, The Use of Chinese in Law, and Special Topics in Language & Law. Mr. Ip is also frequently appointed as legal trainers for governmental departments, including: Housing, Customs and Excise, Labor, Home Affairs, Social Welfare, and FEHD.