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Call: 2016
LLb (Hons)


Ronald studied civil engineering in Australia before returning to Hong Kong to complete his legal studies.  After training as a solicitor and gaining a wealth of experience in civil litigation, Ronald joined the Bar in 2016.

Ronald's practice covers a broad spectrum having been involved in a plethora of cases. He has experience dealing with disputes relating to estate administration, probate and trusts, land and easements, construction, company disputes, intellectual property, arbitration, matrimonial law, defamation, mental health, winding-up and sales of goods. His expertise lies in the areas of contentious probate and estate matters, land disputes, construction disputes, and matters involving leading-edge technology.

On the ADR side, Ronald is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and has experience with matters relating to both arbitration and mediation.  He has also been involved in arbitrations as counsel and as a tribunal/arbitrator assistant.

As to the non-contentious side of his practice, Ronald has been instructed frequently to provide legal opinions in respect to complicated estate planning matters and to both listed and to-be listed companies on matters involving cooperate governance and company structure, SFC rules and HKEX Listing Rules.

Ronald is also available for urgent applications and has been involved in all sorts of urgent applications such as mareva injunction, mandatory injunctions and anton piller orders.


Land & Easements

Ko Shun v. Royal Mortgage & Anor [2019] HKDC 85– acting for a mortgagee-in-possession to resist an application for an interlocutory injunction arising out of a claim for easement and private/public nuisance (sole advocate)

Yu Chi Chun & Ors v. Leung On [2019] HKDC 104 – acting for an owner of a rural piece of land in a claim to re-possess said land and defeating a claim for adverse possession in a 3-day trial (sole advocate)

Fung Yau Lin & Ors v. Lam Shuet Ying & Ors [2020] HKDC 262 - acting for a land owner for an application seek vacant possession of several lots of rural agricultural land against a squatter and defeating a claim for adverse possession in 6-day trial (sole advocate)

Probate & Trust

Lau Koon Ying Matthew, as the executor of the estate of Lau Yiu Wing, Deceased v. Lau Tark Wing & Anor [2017] HKCFI 1701, HCA 2305/2012, 25th September 2017 – acting for the defendants in resisting an application to set aside a deed of family arrangement and retract a renunciation of probate and other trust matters (with Mr Richard Leung JP)

Re estate of Yung Yau [2019] HKCFI 2609, [2019] HKCFI 1767, [2019] HKCFI 1472, [2017] HKCFI 1864 – acting for the executrixes of an estate in a long running estate dispute involving applications for interim distribution, remuneration to executor, removal of executor, appointment of professional executors, Beddoe application and other applications involving the administration of an estate (with Mr Richard Leung JP)

Re estate of Lau Tung HCMP 591/2018 – acting for a professional administrator for a Beddoe application in respect to an intended action against a defendant beneficiary (sole advocate)

Re estate of Ko Wing Lan HCMP 2018/2018 – acting for an opposing beneficiary in a Beddoe application (sole advocate)

Re LTT HCMH 34/2018 – acting for an applicant for an order to declare a person mentally incapacitated pursuant to Part II of the Mental Health Ordinance (Cao. 136) (sole advocate)

Company/Shareholder Disputes

Acting on behalf of a director in defending claims for damages arising out of alleged breach of fiduciary duties. The matter was settled during the third day of trial (led by Mr John Scott SC and with Mr Richard Leung JP)

Acting on behalf of a director and shareholder in a derivative application against a director for breach of duties including applications for interlocutory mareva and other prohibitory injunctions (sole advocate)

WK Maxy Industries Ltd v Mak Chee Wai HCMP 579/2019 – acting for a company in an application for an injunction to restrain an issuer of a statutory demand from presenting a winding-up petition (with Mr Danny Chan)

Ngan Kwing Sun v Hope Yet Textile Co Ltd [2019] HKCFI 3096 – acting for a group of companies to resist an application to register shares pursuant to s.152 of the Companies Ordinance (Cap.622) (sole advocate)

Re Hong Kong Pak Tat Trading Co [2020] HKCFI 287 – acting for a third party in an application by petitioner for a declaration that a post-liquidation transaction be set-aside and declared null and void which involved cross-border elements and allegations of misfeasance on the part of the liquidator (led by Mr Anson Wong SC)

Yuen Yin Kwan v Sino Insurance Broker Group Ltd & Anor [2020] 1 HKLRD 1117 [2020] HKCFI 284 – acting for an applicant in an application to remove or rectify certain documents registered in the Companies Registry pursuant to s.42 of the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622) (sole advocate)


HKIAC Domestic Arbitration – acting for an owner of a property against a contractor for damages in excess of HK$50 million

HKIAC International Arbitration – acting for manufacturer in a breach of contract claim in the excess of US$30 million

Construction Arbitration – acting for a sub-contractor against a main contractor seeking damages for breach of contract and wrongful termination (sole advocate)

Cheerise Asia Ltd v Advance Engineering (Development) Ltd  HCCT24/2019 – acting for a main contractor in defending a claim by a sub-contractor (sole advocate)

Handy Construction Company Limited v Wo Ming Engineering Limited HCCT54/2019 - acting for a sub-contractor in an application by the main constractor for an interlocutory injunction to vacate the work site (sole advocate)

Commercial/General Practice/Interlocutory Applications

Apex Might Enterprises Limited v. Wong Tao Lap [2019] HKDC 810 – acting for a defendant in resisting an application for order for sale of a property subject to a charging order (sole advocate)

Bighand Ventures Ltd v Regent National Enterprises Ltd [2019] HKCFI 2066 – acting for a creditor in respect to a O.88 application against the owners of the Kimberly Hotel (led by Mr Clifford Smith SC and with Mr Richard Leung JP)

Cheung Hing Lifting Components (HK) Ltd v Otis Elevator Company (HK) Ltd HCA 863/2019 – acting for the defendant, a leading elevator and escalator services supplier, to resist an application for summary judgment in respect to a sale of goods dispute (sole advocate)

CP Homes (AL) LLC v Zhao Xun HCA 1158/2016 - acting for a plaintiff in resisting the defendant's application to set aside an order for leave to serve out of jurisdiction and to stay proceedings on the basis of forum non conveniens (sole advocate)

Yung Ivan Caesar & Ors v Yung Siu Chee Margaret & Ors [2019] HKCFI 1472 – application for to recuse a deputy judge (with Mr Richard Leung JP)

Lau Koon Ying Matthew, as the executor of the estate of Lau Yiu Wing, deceased v. Lau Tark Wing & Anor HCA 2305/2012, HCA2306/2012, HCAP23/2013 – acting for the defendants in an application for stay of execution pending appeal and an order to set-aside an order for oral examination of judgment debtor (sole advocate)

Fung Yau Lin & Ors v. Lam Shuet Ying & Ors  [2019] HKDC 1228 – application to change expert at pre-trial review hearing (sole advocate)


Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
Chairperson of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (East Asia Branch) YMG (2020-present)
Vice-Chair of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (East Asia Branch) YMG (2019-2020)
Member of the Construction Law Committee of the Hong Kong Bar Association (2018-present)